• 29 May 2019

Testimonial – Live in Bois-Franc

Testimonial – Live in Bois-Franc

Testimonial – Live in Bois-Franc 589 331 kina1

On April 30th, Montclair met with Judy, a resident of Lekinox Condos – Bois-Franc in Saint-Laurent, for an interview on her impressions of the neighborhood. Lékinox is another accomplishment of Montclair Group located near the Wilfrid.

Condo owner of a unit from the Lékinox residential project, Jody speaks about her interest in the Bois-Franc neighborhood and explains why she chose to live there. She openly expresses her appreciation for Montclair’s customer service. A builder for over 25 years in Bois-Franc, Montclair offers many new models of condos and townhouses.

During her interview for an article in Epoch Time, Judy also shares with us how living in Bois-Franc is well suited for family life and offers advantages for her children. This article is now available in Mandarin on Epoch Time’s website, by clicking here.