Prestigious and innovative house

Since it was established in 1968, Sotramont has focused its development on carefully SELECTED housing and commercial projects. It has placed its clientele’s expectations at the heart of its concerns, so as to always present projects ADAPTED to their clientele’s living environment and needs. SOTRAMONT‘s buildings are in keeping with classic architectural standards and are environmentally-friendly, both inside and out, to favor TRULY INTEGRATED PROJECTS in every way.

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Distinction and award

Marc-André Roy, President of Sotramont, has also been the Association de la Construction du Québec's President of the QUALITY HOUSING Insurance Plan for new homes, since 2010. Due to his present term of office and in order to avoid any appearance of conflicts of interest, he will not be taking part in the awards and honours presented by his Association.

  • Émérite 2008 Entrepreneur de l’année – Maison unifamiliale Valeur moyenne des unités de plus de 400 000 $
  • Émérite 2008 Entrepreneur de l’année Projet d'ensemble domiciliaire - Bois-Franc
  • Émérite 2004 Entrepreneur de l’année – Maisons unifamiliales Prestige
  • Émérite 2003 Projet domiciliaire de l’année - Bois-Franc
  • Émérite 2002 Entrepreneur de l’année Prestige Production
  • Émérite 2001 Entrepreneur de l’année
  • Émérite 2000 Île de la Brunante - Bois-Franc