Quality Construction


Building long-lasting condos

Developed by Sotramont, a leader in Canada’s residential construction industry for over 45 years, Tod is among first projects in Quebec to use a frame of cross-laminated timber (CLT) solid wood panels, known for their performance and strength.


Sustainable development

Targeting LEED® certification

Homes certified under the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system use less energy, water and natural resources. They also produce less waste, and are healthier and more comfortable for their occupants. Built with sustainability in mind, Tod is designed for LEED® Platinum certification.



A strong, solid wood frame

With its cutting edge cross-laminated timber (CLT) frame, Tod is destined to become the most innovative project in Bois-Franc. Strong, durable and easy to work with, CLT delivers many benefits, including good thermal and acoustic insulation for each individual unit.



The benefits of a solid wood frame

  • Acoustic performance
    The high mass of the solid wood walls provides good ambient noise insulation
  • Better strength and insulation
    Because wood performs well as a structural material and as a thermal barrier, homes built with wood are strong, safe and well-insulated
  • Renewable material
    Made of wood from sustainably managed forests, solid wood is the only building material that is both renewable and recyclable
  • Efficient construction
    Because the panels are prefabricated, solid wood frames can be erected quickly
  • Stability and resistance
    Because of their rigidity and dimensional stability, solid wood panels have high lateral load resistance
  • Small environmental footprint
    Solid wood panels are prefabricated for specific end-use applications, which results in little waste. Scraps can also be used as biofuel or for architectural components

Unit floor plans

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