About Sotramont

Sotramont’s Experience

  • Solid expertise
    Sotramont has spent over 45 years building its expertise and putting it into practice in the construction of over 2,000 residential units to date
  • Sustainable projects
    Consistently cutting-edge, Sotramont takes sustainable development a step further by using solid wood construction and targeting LEED® certification for each and every one of our buildings
  • An engaged, prestigious firm
    A respected real estate construction firm, Sotramont is one of the main investors behind Société de développement de Bois-Franc
  • Uncompromising quality
    Over the years, Sotramont has built a reputation for reliability, the quality and diversity of our projects, and the high calibre of our sites

Raising the bar

High-quality construction

Stringent inspections

Sotramont performs quality control inspections on virtually every aspect of its projects (acoustics, fire, structure, building envelope performance, foundations, mechanical services, electrical services, structure, progress tracking, LEED® and Novoclimat standards, and roofing)

Qualified personnel Engineers, specialized technicians, project managers and evaluators from specialized firms or government agencies like Quebec’s energy efficiency agency (Bureau de l’efficacité et de l’innovation énergétiques) are always on hand to accompany the project architect in inspections and supervision

Innovation and performance Sotramont’s focus on innovation and quality optimisation translates into ongoing investment in research and development, which is why we design building envelopes that rank best in the world in terms of performance

Thinking forward

Sotramont and sustainable development

To protect the environment, Sotramont always takes great care with the following elements of its projects:

Excellent site accessibility

Proximity to the main arteries, an airport, a train station and bus terminals

Building sustainability

LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and high-quality building materials

The right project mix

Condos, townhouses and stacked townhouses to attract a varied clientele (families, couples and singles)

A multifunctional neighbourhood

Shops, services and leisure, sports and cultural facilities in the immediate vicinity of the project


Unit floor plans

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