Training and awareness

At the heart of Sotramont’s strategy is the teaching of stricter building codes, a more rigorous execution, and green initiatives. All Sotramont workers are therefore properly trained.

To this end, the company attempts to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover construction materials, involving taking regular stock of materials that can be reused for a site recovery, or sent to landfill.


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Recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council

The US Green Building Council has recognized the Sotramont building shell as the best performing in the world.

«GOLD» for Place des Nations

Place des Nations Phase 3 boasts the highest construction standard, and is LEED Gold certified. The use of high performance recycled materials, products resistant to wear and tear, and materials such as fiber cement panels under the tiled shower walls, a superior grade building shell, soundproof insulation, and ultra high
performance windows, are just a sample of the philosophy that designates a LEED product.

A better quality

Place des Nations Phase 3 is high quality living at a lower energy cost. Your comfortable condo can be heated, lit, and air conditioned at a lower cost, and is more impervious to wind and weather, demonstrated through superior construction. Your condo will be at least 50% more energy efficient! This decrease in costs considerably reduces the standard maintenance on a unit over a ten-year period, as compared to only five years for a standard investment under traditional construction.


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