Green spaces in urban centres greatly contribute to quality of life by improving residents’ physical and mental health.

Lékinox Condos are surrounded by several thousand square feet of green spaces for your pleasure. There are two parks, the Nordet Park with a total surface area of 41,000-sq. ft. and a second adjacent park with an approximate area of 8,000-sq. ft. There is also a gorgeous landscaped 4,400-sq. ft. backyard with stone walkways and surfaces, a water fountain, lounge areas and vegetable plots for residents.

At Lékinox, you will have direct access to several bike and pedestrian paths. In addition, a fitness room overlooking the sumptuous garden, will be at your disposal.

The Bois-Franc neighbourhood is considered an eco-community, meaning that it was designed with not only the environment, but also residents’ health and quality of life in mind. This is why Bois-Franc’s green and blue spaces make up 30% of its surface area. In addition to being beneficial for our health, green spaces in urban centres help fight pollution, which positively impacts the environment.