Ever since we were founded in 1968, Sotramont has assigned great importance to the quality of our construction projects. Sotramont is an experienced builder with a team of qualified employees, expert associates and skilled subcontractors known for their reliability.

Over the 45 years we have been in business, Sotramont has built a reputation as a master builder, not just for the quality of our buildings, but also for our ability to innovate with rigour and skill.

Sotramont is involved in the following residential development projects:

  • Bois-Franc in Saint-Laurent, with more than 2,000 residential dwellings built so far
  • Quartier Greenwich in Pointe-Claire, where more than 1,000 homes will be built
  • Griffintown, where 415 condominium and commercial units (including rentals) will be built
  • Riverside Saint-Lambert, where 55 condominiums will be built
  • The very first LEED® Gold building to be constructed in Quebec in the 4 storeys-or-more category (Place des Nations Phase 1 in Bois-Franc).
  • In 2014, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recognized Phase 2 of Bois-Franc’s Place des Nations as the highest performing LEED® Gold project in the world.

  • In 2015, Sotramont is innovating by building six- to eight-storey condo projects with a solid wood frame of cross-laminated timber (CLT), a renewable material known for both strength and environmental performance.

    Platinum Certification — Guaranteed quality in housing / Association des constructeurs du Québec (Association of Quebec builders). Highest level of competence and reliability, including excellence in post-sales service.


    As a Qualité Habitation platinum-certified entrepreneur, Sotramont is not only recognized as a provider of top-of-the-line products, but the company has also won a number of awards over the years for creating single-family dwellings, townhouses and condos that meet the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

    From 2010 to 2015, Sotramont President Marc-André Roy has served as president of the Qualité Habitation insurance plan for new homes on behalf of the Association de la Construction du Québec.

  • Émérite 2020 Quebec Construction Association (ACQ) - Building Innovation Award: Arbora 2
  • Émérite 2019 Cecobois: Prize of Excellence: TOD condos
  • Émérite 2019 LEED® Gold certification: Square Equinox 2
  • Émérite 2018 LEED® Platinum certification: Arbora 2
  • Émérite 2018 LEED® Platinum certification: Arbora 1
  • Émérite 2018 LEED® Platinum certification: TOD condos
  • Émérite 2018 Habitat Design Award - Cecobois Special Prize: TOD condo
  • Émérite 2018 LEED® Gold certification: ZAC sur le lac
  • Émérite 2017 1st Canadian builder to be named LEED® Power Builder: Sotramont
  • Émérite 2017 CNESST Occupational Health and Safety Awards: Arbora
  • Émérite 2017 Habitat Design Award - Best use of space and kitchen/bathroom design: ZAC
  • Émérite 2017 Chamber of Commerce Saint-Laurent Mont-Royal - Personality of the Year: Sotramont
  • Émérite 2017 LEED® Gold certification: ZAC
  • Émérite 2017 LEED® Gold certification: Square Equinox 1
  • Émérite 2017 Canada Green Building Council - Materials for sustainable construction: Sotramont
  • Émérite 2016 Jury's Choice Award - Model home with best design: TOD condos
  • Émérite 2016 Habitat Design Award - Wood development and related services: TOD condos
  • Émérite 2015 Historic partnership between Gaz Metro and Sotramont to offer dual-energy: ZAC
  • Émérite 2015 LEED® Platinum certification: Square du Nordet
  • Émérite 2014 LEED® Gold certification: Place des Nations III
  • Émérite 2014 USGBC - The most energy efficient building envelope in the world: Place des Nations
  • Émérite 2014 LEED® Gold certification: Villas du Mistral
  • Émérite 2013 LEED® Gold certification: Place des Nations II
  • Émérite 2012 LEED® Gold certification: Place des Nations I
  • Émérite 2010-15 Marc-André Roy named President of "Qualité Habitation"
  • Émérite 2008 Entrepreneur of the year – Single-family dwelling over $400,000
  • Émérite 2008 Entrepreneur of the year for overall residential project – Bois-Franc
  • Émérite 2004 Entrepreneur of the year – Prestige single-family dwellings
  • Émérite 2003 Residential project of the year – Bois-Franc
  • Émérite 2002 Entrepreneur of the year – Prestige production
  • Émérite 2001 Entrepreneur of the year
  • Émérite 2000 Award – Île de la Brunante – Bois-Franc