29 March 2018

The REM: An Undeniable Asset for the Bois-Franc Residential Project!

With the arrival of the REM (Réseau express métropolitain), Bois-Franc residents will be able to travel more efficiently to the downtown core – and even to Montreal’s international airport.
22 March 2018

Bois-Franc: A TOD Neighborhood Where Life Is Good!

But what is a TOD neighborhood? TOD stands for Transit-Oriented Development, which entails a neighborhood where everything and anything is possible by foot, bike or public transit.
28 February 2018

A Unique Living Environment… for 25 Years!

Since 1993, the Bois-Franc project has drawn in people of all ages and backgrounds. Singles, both young and older, as well as families have a wide selection of housing options available to them – condos and townhouses - […]
22 January 2018

Sotramont Has Earned the LEED Homes Power Builder Title!

Sotramont has been recognized with the LEED® Homes Power Builder title – becoming the first and only Canadian builder to receive this title.
30 June 2017

Bois-Franc market

28 June 2017

The Habitat Design Awards 2017 – ZAC – SOTRAMONT

The Habitat Design Awards 2017 – ZAC – SOTRAMONT The recognition event of the Open House Weekends, the Habitat Design Awards 2017 Competition, rewards Sotramont! TWO […]
6 June 2017

Un skatepark, brisez le mythe!

19 May 2017

Technoparc à Saint-Laurent, un réel bassin entrepreneurial

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2 May 2017

Montreal Gazette – Model of the week – ZAC 3 – Sotramont

14 August 2018

10 Good Reasons to Live in Bois-Franc

An unbeatable public transportation system, trendy boutiques and restaurants within walking distance, abundant green and blue areas… There is more than one reason that makes life such a great adventure in Saint-Laurent’s Bois-Franc project!
3 July 2018

Bois-Franc: Local Businesses in the Heart of Saint-Laurent!

The Bois-Franc neighborhood in Saint-Laurent has only continued to grow in recent years. On top of enjoying the neighborhood’s many green spaces, Bois-Franc residents can also take advantage of numerous local shops and services […]
16 April 2018

Bois-Franc’s Trendy Take on POD Living!

With the POD approach, the focus is put on pedestrian traveling (Pedestrian-Oriented Development), meaning that around the neighborhood, you can find everything you need walking distance away – it’s functional, practical, economical, fast and an excellent way to stay in shape!