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3 July 2018
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15 February 2019

10 Good Reasons to Live in Bois-Franc

For 25 years, Bois-Franc has kept its promises! An unbeatable public transportation system, trendy boutiques and restaurants within walking distance, abundant green and blue areas… There is more than one reason that makes life such a great adventure in Saint-Laurent’s Bois-Franc project!

1. Green (and Blue!) Areas

What a surprise to see Mother Nature blossom in the city! Bodies of water with evocative names, mature trees along the streets, many bird species… With 31% of the total territory covered by green and blue spaces, no place is more charming than Bois-Franc, a true urban village.

2. A Safe and Profitable Investment

Each year, Bois-Franc pushes innovation further, and its potential attracks new buyers. In this growing neighbourhood, the resale value is clearly profitable.

3. Solutions for All Tastes

Whether you are looking for a condo unit or a townhouse, the perfect solution is in Bois-Franc. Housing is adapted to today’s lifestyles and each house has its own garage with a discretly concealed entrance on the sides of the buildings to improve the overall appearance of the city!

4. The arrival of the Réseau Express Métropolitain

By 2020, a brand new train station will make public transit more accessible than ever to residents of Bois-Franc. The Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM), a major light-rail project, will have 26 stations, including one in the neighbourhood. Residents will be able to travel to Montreal, even as far as the international airport and the South Shore. It is estimated that during rush hours, the journey between the Bois-Franc station and the Central Station will not take more than sixteen minutes!

5. The Proximity of Many Shops

The Bois-Franc district follows a POD (Pedestrian Oriented Development) approach, which means that residents should always be able to find what they need within walking distance. Looking for a dentist’s office, a grocery store, a restaurant, a bank, a chocolate factory? With two main commercial areas, everything is close! It’s convenient, fast and perfect for keeping fit!

6. Public Transit in the Heart of the Community

A Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is designed to ensure easy and efficient access to public transit. In addition to its suburban train station, Bois-Franc is located near many major highways and several bus lines cross through it.

7. All the Main Streets Lead to the Grand-Place!

Many shops are located in this friendly commercial area and perfect for a coffee with friends. In the summer, residents can even stock up on fresh produce at the public market every Saturday. After a shopping spree, sit by the water fountain to take a well-deserved break. Grand-Place is the ideal meeting place!

8. Faubourg Bois-Franc, a Commercial Hub

All essential services in the same space, isn't it great? Proof that Bois-Franc is a forward-thinking district with sustainability in mind, the IGA grocery store even sells certified organic fruits and vegetables that have grown on its green roof, the largest of its kind in the country.

9. An Architecture Unique in Montreal

Nothing is left to chance in Bois-Franc, where nature and housing cohabit in perfect harmony. For aesthetic reasons, the neighbourhood has taken several steps to hide the more unsightly elements of the urban landscape. Two fine examples being; wires are buried and parking is underground.

10. Sports and Leisure in the Spotlight

All year round, the whole family can indulge in outdoor activities. Its parks, trails and paths can equaly accomodate for cycling, running or hiking. In addition, residents will find training stations in the parks. Here, everyone is in shape!

The Bois-Franc district offers an incomparable environment where you and your family can flourish. Several models of condo units and townhouses are available to accommodate all lifestyles in this thriving neighbourhood. What will you choose?