The REM: An Undeniable Asset for the Bois-Franc Residential Project!
29 March 2018
Bois-Franc: Local Businesses in the Heart of Saint-Laurent!
3 July 2018

Bois-Franc’s Trendy Take on POD Living!

Today’s new cities are not built based on the models of our heritage villages; they take into account the inescapable reality of its different residents – that of their daily travels! Consequently, some neighborhoods develop urban services, through various real estate projects, around their residents’ lifestyle and travel needs.


With the POD approach, the focus is put on pedestrian traveling (Pedestrian-Oriented Development), meaning that around the neighborhood, you can find everything you need walking distance away – it’s functional, practical, economical, fast and an excellent way to stay in shape!

The POD Approach in Bois-Franc

In Bois-Franc, residents can enjoy the convenience of a commercial hub called Grand-Place, in the heart of the neighborhood, which has been around for many years now. There they can access a medical clinic, convenience store, pharmacy, dry cleaner, restaurant, hairdresser, dentist and other small businesses. At the Faubourg Bois-Franc, located near the Wilfrid-Reid and Henri-Bourassa intersection, you can now find an IGA supermarket, Première Moisson, Chocolats Favoris and other fast food restaurants and local services. You can also walk to the Bois-Franc train station and stroll in the parks and around the lakes, which make up more than 31% of the neighborhood. What’s most important isn’t to know all the urban planning concepts that are characteristic of Bois-Franc, but rather to benefit from the convenient and healthful urban lifestyle that these concepts offer you!