Bois-franc project

  • Living Environment

    Customer-oriented project, Bois-Franc brings together greenery and nature, waterways, recreation and services, homes and businesses, all within the most modern of developments, one predicated above all else on enhancing the well-being of its residents. Bois-Franc has managed the tour de force of recreating a warm, homey atmosphere among the communities having a history and a soul.

    Living in Bois-Franc is not only having a well-built home, but also benefiting from a truly distinctive living environment, with its squares, piazzas and piazettas, its parks, lakes and its Grand-Place, its merchants, daycare centres and, of course, its residents!

  • Many Green and Blue Spaces

    Nature and Greenery

    Bois-Franc is an outstanding place designed to recreate Mother Nature's finest, in an urban environment. Residents appreciate the fact that a good part of the territory is preserved for green and blue spaces. Along the streets, thousands of mature trees have been planted. Such controlled and protected development contributes toward making Bois-Franc a genuine green community.


    On Bois-Franc territory, there are a number of waterways expertly spread out and given evocative names: Bassin de la Brunante, Bassin des Outardes, Bassin des Nations, Bassin de l’Aube! They attract many bird species that come here to bathe or quench their thirst; aquatic vegetation is gradually growing here as well; the surface of the water—whether calm or agitated—constantly and alternately reflects either the lights or shadows of the days and nights. Many residents highly appreciate these very special features—the charms of the ponds near the commercial and business world.

  • A Well-Devised and Well-Designed Development

    Thanks to its innovative and imaginative master plan, BOIS-FRANC offers an exclusive environment, where nature and housing perfectly blend in harmony. Astutely spread out, green spaces, bodies of water and a bicycle path create a living environment that fulfills everyone's aspirations. Residents may relax, as they please, in peace and quiet, or merely savour the charms of the area.

    La Grand-Place

    All streets in the Bois-Franc development lead to La Grand-Place, which doubles as the commerce area for residents of Bois-Franc. Accessible daily by foot and by car, it offers residents food services as well as convenience stores. Parking facilities are located nearby, although every effort has been made to make these as visually unobtrusive as possible.

    Here, you can stroll, sit, chat with neighbours and exchange ideas. In short, this is where streets and people converge, because Bois-Franc offers A NEW QUALITY OF CITY LIVING!

    Electrical Underground Network

    Bois-Franc can offer its residents state-of-the-art technology that is at once respectful of their quality of life and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the fact that all electrical wiring is under ground greatly improves visual impact as well as reliability of the network.

    Typical Features

    • parks, bicycle paths and walking trails, two daycare centres and a residence for independant retirees;
    • underground power lines and uniform, appropriate lighting throughout the development;
    • a plaza with four service buildings providing access to several shops without leaving the development;
    • a distinctive observatory where the entire development may be admired all at once;
    • streets and signs designed to reduce the speed of motor vehicle traffic;
    • Sidewalks running all throughout the development.
  • A Choice, Strategically-Located Community

    The Borough of Saint-Laurent—where Bois-Franc is located—is recognized for its economic vitality, its business parks and its nearness to major highways and the airport.

    Living in Bois-Franc means benefiting from public transit right within the development; it's being able to link up to the commuter train or metro in less than 5 minutes; it's living away from—yet nearby—downtown, without the traffic jams on the bridges.

    • public transit service within the development;
    • nearness to a great many services.
  • A Wide Range of Quality Housing

    Quality and Variety

    Bois-Franc offers the greatest variety of house's styles to be found in the metropolitan area: townhouses, garden houses, lakeside homes, triplexes, quadrexes, condominiums... Whatever the nature of your needs and whatever type of dwelling you have your heart set on, you will find the right home for you in BOIS-FRANC. Each one has its own indoor garage; however, all driveways are concealed on the sides of the buildings to improve the appearance of the building fronts.

    Leisure and Fresh Air

    Bois-Franc’s meticulously designed landscaping allows families to indulge in numerous sports activities, in winter as well as in summer: cycling, jogging, hiking, etc. Indeed, the marvellously varied environment created by the combined presence of green spaces and waterways opens the door to any number of recreational possibilities.

    • a wide range of housing products adapted to today's lifestyles;
    • builders renowned for their expertise and daring spirit;
    • uniform, exclusive regulations (referred to as an "architectural servitude");
    • clay brick, in earth tones, on all building exteriors;
    • at least one underground garage per dwelling unit, without any garage doors fronting any homes.
  • Peace of Mind

    For the past 15 years, Bois-Franc has been delivering its promises.

    Bois-Franc—2 883 dwellings where families, couples or singles have settled, having found the home they were looking for from among the offerings of one of the three builders that have been here since the start of the project.

    Already, a number of residents have sold their home in Bois-Franc and have purchased another here, because they know the builder, because a new model better meets their needs or because their investment gave them very profitable returns:

    • a committed and seasoned developer;
    • experienced, responsible builders;
    • a blue-chip investment.